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Muslim Tots is your child online school for learning Arabic, Quran and Islam. In Muslim Tots there is always place for kids of all ages. Enroll your children now at Musilm Tots classes to learn all about Islam with live qualified teachers using our fun and interactive methods and teaching techniques to engage children through the whole learning programs.

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One of the challenges that face us as a parents these days is how to teach  children the Quran and Islam teachings in simple way without any complications nor pressure on them, and we believe that fun and interactive teaching techniques and tools are the best to achieve that.

Our programs are specially designed for children to be relevant to their abilities and needs.

Why Us?

Why Choosing Muslim Tots classes?

Muslim Tots is not a platform that provides online classes and programs for kids, we believe in children teaching and making their learning experience more fun and ease to successfully delivered information to their minds.

Why Online Classes?

We are living in the era of digitalisation and E- learning which make it easy for most people to learn with all challenges related to lifestyle, job, society, and the place we live in.

 Given all of these challenges, we offer online programs to make it ease for your children to learn the Islam and it’s science from any place and at any time, simply you can enroll in our courses and let them start their learning journey.


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Class Subjects

Learning With Fun

Arabic Classes

  • Arabic is the language of quran and Islam, as Muslims we have to understand it completely to understand our religion. In Arabic classes, we will help your child to learn Arabic with our interactive tools and techniques.

Islamic Studies

  • Learning Islam could be fun! As we will help your child in (islamic studies classes) to learn all about Islam teachings in fun, simple and interactive way.

Quran Classes

  • Through Quran classes, your child will learn how to read the Quran perfectly using tajweed rules, and we will memorize the whole surahs together to strengthen their relationship with the Quran and to grow with the love of the Quran.

Fun And Interactive Islamic Classes

Spark your child motivation to learn Islam and it’s teachings through our programs, as your child will learn with qualified teachers using fun and entertaining tools and games.

Hifz Quran for Kids Program
Learn Quran

How to help the kids to Hifz Quran?

The Hifz Quran, known as memorization of the Quran, holds profound significance in Islam and is considered a noble endeavor for believers of all ages.